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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent questions :

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What features does it offer for online casino management?
We offer a complete solution with more than 20 modules in the administration panel, including user control, live statistics, fraud management, bonus and jackpot systems, and a wide range of internal and external games.
How are payments and transactions handled?
Our software includes a system to manage deposits and withdrawals with options such as Mercado Pago and bank transfers. In addition, it is prepared to operate with multiple currencies and cryptocurrencies.
Is it possible to customize the casino design on the platform?
Yes, the frontend is completely configurable from the administration panel, allowing you to change the visual design and adapt it to specific preferences.
How is user control managed?
We offer detailed user control, allowing administrators to manage player, agent, and cashier profiles, including the ability to modify balances and reset user information.
What game customization options does the software offer?
Administrators can customize internal games, including enabling/disabling specific games, modifying bet amounts, and assigning games to different categories.
How does the Jackpot system work?
The software allows administrators to configure jackpots per store, with options to define the jackpot percentage and set amounts to release prizes.
What security and fraud management tools does it include?
We include robust features for security and fraud prevention, allowing administrators to monitor user activity and manage active sessions.
Is it possible to automate tasks?
Yes, the software has an automated task module, which can automate the loading and unloading of chips into gaming banks and other tasks as needed.

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